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Royal Air Forces Association

Royal Air Forces Association

We believe every generation owes a debt of gratitude to the RAF and their families. To protect the peace and safety we enjoy every day, they sacrifice the normal way of life most people take for granted.

So, when one of the RAF family needs a friend, they turn to us, the Royal Air Forces Association.

That’s because we can be there on the doorstep, in person, to help sort out the problem and share the load. When times are tough, nothing beats friendly, face-to-face support from someone who really cares.

Whether it’s an injured airman fighting to get back on his feet, a young child missing their parent away on overseas operations, or a World War II veteran needing a shoulder to lean on, we are here to help all generations of RAF Service personnel and their families.

With thousands of members and volunteers across the UK and further afield, we have the network needed for a personal, one-to-one approach. Our befriender and caseworker volunteers attend nationally accredited training courses, and are DBS checked so you can be confident in the services we provide.

We carefully and sensitively deliver all the support we offer to members of the RAF family to suit the needs of each individual we help. We work in partnership with other organisations to make sure we can provide the correct support.

Who do we help?

Today, there are over 1.5 million people in the RAF family who are either serving or who have served in the RAF (whether as a regular or reservist) and their spouses, partners or dependent children. We know family doesn’t stop there, so for some of our work we also count parents and close relatives, air-minded youth organisations, contractors and civil servants supporting the RAF as part of the family. You do not need to be a member to receive our help.

Just a typical working year for the RAF Association

These are just some of the ways that we help our servicemen and women, past and present.

  • Over 74,000 members offering friendship and support to one another
  • Our network of volunteer welfare officers make over 115,000 welfare contacts visits and calls offering personal support to meet each individual’s and family’s needs
  • We give expert advice and professional assistance on War Pensions and the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, achieving more than £550,000 in pension and compensation payments
  • We help 2,500 people enjoy a much needed Wings Break
  • We fund the refurbishment of comfortable contact houses on stations, so serving personnel could be visited by family and friends
  • We assist around 85 RAF veterans or their widows/widowers to lead safe, independent lives in our sheltered and supported housing
  • Through the RAF Families Federation we give RAF personnel and their families the chance to influence future policy
  • We distribute more than £1.9m in welfare grants to serving and ex-serving personnel
Shine Bright Support

Shine Bright Support

Shine Bright Support are a charity founded by a family that have experienced childhood cancer and all the upheaval it causes. We understand how difficult it is for every member of a family when a child receives this devastating diagnosis. We have experienced the trauma this disease can cause and want to offer psychological support to ALL members of the family during and after treatment. Our aim is to help families in as many ways as we can:

  1. Care packages for newly diagnosed families.
  2. Create a network of support including online groups, parent groups and contact with a patient/parent/sibling/grandparent that has experienced childhood cancer and offer practical advice where needed.
  3. On referral from a medical professional, fund counselling and other therapeutic interventions for patients and family members suffering the effects of trauma as a result of childhood cancer.
  4. Raise funds to place a mental health professional, one day a week, at the Great Western Hospital (GWH) in Swindon.
  5. Raise awareness of childhood cancer and the impact it can have on the mental health of the whole family.

As you can see, we are a small charity with big ideas. We are currently concentrating on families that are treated at Oxford Children’s Hospital and the ‘split’ site hospitals that offer treatment when the child is at home. In the future we would like to support families and children in treatment all over the country. We also hope to develop training and education packages for professionals that have contact with families who have received treatment, to help them understand how they can help.

Cotswold Water Park Trust

Cotswold Water Park Trust